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  The Saga of Logatroth (Loga - troth) is a role-playing board game (RPBG) designed to be played by 6 to 16 Players and one Referee. The game is a series of campaigns created by the Referee wherein the Players' characters strive to achieve remarkable skills and abilities. These characters have one goal in mind: termination of the Bishop of Logatroth. This game is the only medium where your imagination can run wild without being tortured by poorly written rules, inept Referee sections, and corporate marketing schemes to convince you to buy more rulebooks. You are about to begin a saga filled with violence, sorcery, and where Logatroth's cultists are everyone's enemy.

The Saga of Logatroth Rule Book Contains:

Due to the present trend of 'Corporate America,' who sue any new form of competition in order to destroy it, it is a foregone conclusion that this author will be sued. He will be sued by a jealous gaming corporation in order to keep this game from cutting into their profit margin. Help stop corporate greed. Buy this game while you still can.

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Saga of Logatroth

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This game is printed in the United States of America.

Ver. 1.05 = ISBN 0-9704919-1-3
Ver. 1.00 = ISBN 0-9704919-0-5


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