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  The cost of purchasing one rulebook for the Saga of Logatroth is $50.
We pay for the sales tax charges (if you live in the state of Michigan), packaging, tracking, and the shipping to the address you specify.

Ver 1.05

   PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING (a.k.a. the 'Ferengi print'): Since this is NOT our full time job, we only ship on Tuesday. All shipments are made through the USPS, meaning, if you live in the continental United States, you should receive your copy of the rule book by Saturday. The playing board is not included and is something the Referee must either buy or build themselves. No refunds or exchanges. No international orders. We will not ship to international addresses. All payments made by international means, will be refunded ASAP.

Coming soon


0-9704919-1-3 or 0970491913 ==> Saga of Logatroth Ver. 1.05
0-9704919-0-5 or 0970491905 or 9780970491909 ==> Saga of Logatroth Ver. 1.00